Portable Scanners


The M3 Orange Family of scanners provides a reliable and robust solution to PASS Mailroom tracking data collection. The M3 Orange+ features Windows CE operating system and a host of standard application for office productivity and comes pre-loaded with the PASS Mailroom PDA client and the necessary software to automatically update the units data on placement in the cradle.

The M3 ORANGE+ has various types of cradle for charging and data synchronisation. Besides the basic Single Slot Cradle, a single Slot Ethernet Cradle can be used for Ethernet and the Vehicle Cradle is for charging the device in the car.

The mini snap-on provides almost the same functions of cradle but is smaller and more convenient to use for field operations as it does not require and independent power supply. An Optional ergonomic pistol grip is for scan-intensive environments is also available.

The accessory range include a Charging Holster and Leather Case. The Charging holster is also a portable battery charger should the unit be in use for long periods during collections and deliveries from the mail room. Users can choose between a belt type or strap type with this optional accessory.