PASS Mailroom is a standalone or networked internal mail tracking system based around the PASS Mailroom software. It comprises of PC software and compatible barcode printing and scanning devices. It tracks internal mail from receipt in the mail room through to delivery to the user’s desk and provides a complete audit trail for any item tracked with the system. A summary of the key features is listed below, however, to jump to any particular feature you are interested in please use the “Key Features” menu item on the main menu of this site.

Mail Trolley Deliveries and Collections

After mail items have been registered on PASS Mailroom and a serial number barcode applied, the mail items are transferred to the mail trolley. PASS Mailroom supports corporate mail trolley operations by scanning each packages barcode as it is delivered to its intended recipient. The system can, if required, register that the item has been put on the trolley as an intermediate step before delivery. This means that if required users can log onto the PASS Mailroom mail tracking portal and see that there package has been delivered to site and is currently on the mail trolley and due for delivery.

The software will also allow packages to be picked up for external delivery. A serial number barcode is applied as the package is collected (from a pre-printed reel or portable barcode printer) and basic details of the packages destination are logged on the PDA.
When the PDA is connected to the host PC running PASS Mailroom, details of collections are downloaded and can be added to with a carriers serial number barcode. This means that the user or PASS Mailroom administrator can see the progress of their package from their desk to it’s final destination and locate it’s in transit status via the PASS Mailroom internet portal and the selected carriers tracking system.

Pigeonhole Collections

PASS Mailroom manages both the delivery of mail from the mail trolley(s) and the collection of items from the post room pigeonhole.

If a mail item is stored in a pigeon hole awaiting collection PASS Mailroom automatically generates an alert email containing the packages details and instructions for collection. When the item is collected, proof of delivery is confirmed with a barcode scan with the option to register that other forms of ID e.g. driving licence, were checked at the time of collection.
Either a portable scanner or fixed signature pad & scanner can be used to confirm delivery (hand over) of packages that require recipient collection.

If a user does not collected their item within a given time frame the system can send out reminder emails containing deadlines for collection before the item is disposed of.

Courier & Van Deliveries

Inbound mail items that come in via carriers such as UPS or Fedex can be logged with their carrier reference code as well as the PASS generated barcode.
Either of these barcodes can be used as the primary package ID. The PASS Mailroom system maintains a history of each item’s original carrier reference linked to the PASS Mailroom tracking reference. This means that staff can query the arrival of packages based on the carrier reference they are expecting their package to arrive with.

This information is available on the system on either hard copy reports or via screen queries (see below). Items can therefore be grouped within the software by carrier company for tracking purposes.

Signature Capture POD

PASS Mailroom can be used for signature capture using either signature pads such as the epadlink, attached to the PC or portable barcode scanning devices.
Signature capture can be specified by the type of mail being delivered. This is done at the time the incoming mail is registered on the system.
When the barcode on an item is scanned for proof of delivery the Mailroom software knows that the particular item needs signing for and prompts the user to sign the scanner screen or PC attached signature pad.

Fast Mail Tracking

PASS Mailroom has been designed for fast operation with the workflow of a busy mail room.
Adding new items to the system is fast and efficient. Keystrokes are kept to a minimum with the use of screens that adapt and collect only the appropriate amount of information from the user depending on the type of package being processed.

Actions such as label printing and alert emails to users happen automatically during the logging process so that many mail items of different type and urgency can be processed smoothly through the system and their delivery operations tracked accurately.

The system will handle as many mail types as are required and features hot keys / and buttons for commonly selected items such as inbound carrier type and generic descriptions that can be picked from lists to save time during data entry. Consequently most mail items can be processed in under 4 seconds with the majority of items requiring only 4 keystrokes to process.

Email Alerts

Email alerts in PASS Mailroom are very flexible in the way they can be set up. The design of the software recognises the need to differentiate between mail items that merit an alert email, and those that don’t. The system therefore allows the set up of “mail types” that control how email alerts are handled for particular package types POD.
This means that the system can be set up to react in many different ways based upon the details entered for tracking when an item is received. This flexibility allows for many scenarios to be automatically catered for on a user by user basis. If users prefer, emails for the day’s receipts can be sent out in one batch so that they arrive in a group and can be easily located in email chronology.

In addition to alert emails the system also tracks consignments which have arrived but not yet been collected from a recipients pigeonhole. In this case the system can be set to send out an email reminding a user they have not yet collected their item and advising of any impending disposal arrangements that will be made for it if it is not collected. In some cases mail will not be collected and so the software allows for the periodic disposal of uncollected mail while maintaining its audit trail after disposal.

The software features email setup that accesses your SMTP mail server without the need to log onto your mail client directly. This supports SSL and StartTLS secure connection protocols as well as the ability to test email connectivity during setup.

There are a set of filters you can define in by user/location so that emails are only sent under certain conditions. This means that an email is only sent when all three defined conditions are met. A typical example of this might be that mail parcels weighing over a certain amount or of a certain size, and going to a specific location e.g. top floor, are alerted for collection via email.

Online Tracking

Pass Mailroom has extensive tracking and reporting facilities with a sophisticated search feature using multiple filters and based on MS SQL.

The combination of powerful SQL searches and a wide variety of standard reports means that locating items or reporting upon statistics is simply managed within the software.
With even the most basic data entry for a mail item the system automatically stores every movement of a mail item meaning that delivery reporting by, owner, time, date and description is simple. This is expandable to all types of query covering any number of variables that can be set up on the software such as weight, department, delivery method and more.

The software also features a set of standard reports ranging from a simple filtered transaction report through to management reports for high-volume mail rooms showing the quantity of mail and peak delivery times and by particular delivery methods e.g. carrier by department. All the reports can be saved in MS Excel compatible format, should there be a requirement to distribute them via email or import the data into other systems.

Optionally, with the online tracking module of PASS it is possible to deploy web based tracking reports and individual consignment tracking that can be accessed securely via the internet or intranet. This means recipients can use the PASS internet tracking portal to check the status of undelivered inbound mail as well as outbound deliveries.
Portable Scanners

Barcode Scanners

The M3 Orange Family of scanners provides a reliable and robust solution to PASS Mailroom tracking data collection. The M3 Orange+ features Windows CE operating system and a host of standard application for office productivity and comes pre-loaded with the PASS Mailroom PDA client and the necessary software to automatically update the unit’s data on placement in the cradle.
The M3 ORANGE+ has various types of cradle for charging and data synchronisation. Besides the basic Single Slot Cradle, a single Slot Ethernet Cradle can be used for Ethernet and the Vehicle Cradle is for charging the device in the car.

The mini snap-on provides almost the same functions of cradle but is smaller and more convenient to use for field operations as it does not require and independent power supply. An Optional ergonomic pistol grip is for scan-intensive environments is also available.

The accessory range includes a Charging Holster and Leather Case. The Charging holster is also a portable battery charger should the unit be in use for long periods during collections and deliveries from the mail room. Users can choose between a belt type and strap type with this optional accessory.

Barcode Printing

PASS Mailroom supports a number of industry leading and competitively priced printers. The printer selected will depend primarily on the environment it is to be used in. For example in a bulk mail handling facility that generally uses ruggedized equipment, or in a corporate mail room with less demanding requirements for durability. For most applications in this range of requirements you will find a suitable printer within the Dymo (office) or TSC (Industrial) range.

The Dymo printer is a reliable desktop low volume solution ideal for less than 30 tracked items per day. If your mail room needs to track more items than this you will find a more robust industrially focused printer in the TSC range. PASS has worked with many printer manufacturers in its 25 year history and found TSC and Dymo to have a consistent product range and support in this period.