Mail Trolley Deliveries and Collections

After mail items have been registered on PASS Mailroom and a serial number barcode applied, the mail items are transferred to the mail trolley. PASS Mailroom supports corporate mail trolley operations by scanning each packages barcode as it is delivered to its intended recipient. The system can, if required, register that the item has been put on the trolley as an intermediate step before delivery. This means that if required users can log onto the PASS Mailroom mail tracking portal and see that there package has been delivered to site and is currently on the mail trolley and due for delivery.

The software will also allow packages to be picked up for external delivery. A serial number barcode is applied either as the package is collected (from a pre-printed reel or portable barcode printer) and basic details of the packages destination are logged on the PDA.

When the PDA is connected to the host PC running PASS Mailroom, details of collections are downloaded and can be added to with a carriers serial number barcode. This means that the user or PASS Mailroom administrator can see the progress of their package from their desk to its final destination and locate its in transit status via the PASS Mailroom internet portal and the selected carriers tracking system.