Email Alerts

Email alerts in PASS Mailroom are very flexible in the way they can be set up. The design of the software recognises the need to differentiate between mail items that merit an alert email, and those that don’t. The system therefore allows the set up of “mail types” that control how email alerts are handled for particular package types POD.

This means that the system can be set up to react in many different ways based upon the details entered for tracking when an item is received. This flexibility allows for many scenarios to be automatically catered for on a user by user basis. If users prefer, emails for the days receipts can be sent out in one batch so that they arrive in a group and can be easily located in email chronology.

In addition to alert emails the system also tracks consignments which have arrived but not yet been collected from a recipients pigeonhole. In this case the system can be set to send out an email reminding a user they have not yet collected their item and advising of any impending disposal arrangements that will be made for it if it is not collected. In some cases mail will not be collected and so the software allows for the periodic disposal of uncollected mail while maintaining its audit trail after disposal.

The software features email setup that accesses your SMTP mail server without the need to log onto your mail client directly. This supports SSL and StartTLS secure connection protocols as well as the ability to test email connectivity during setup.

There are a set of filters you can define in by user/location so that emails are only sent under certain conditions. This means that an email is only sent when all three defined conditions are met. A typical example of this might be that mail parcels weighing over a certain amount or of a certain size, and going to a specific location e.g. top floor, are alerted for collection via email.